A great tea made with 6 types of natural plants to promote digestion and helps to relieve stomach constipation while maintaining your beauty and good health. This tea is mild and delicious with a perfect taste and aroma blended that can be consumed daily. Only natural ingredients were used without any additives, colorings or preservatives added.

As its quality depends highly on the weather during the period when it was harvested and cultivated, we carry out a thorough inspection and use only the best pick, harvested at different times in two different countries, to ensure our blend is made of the highest quality ingredients. In addition to this, we also use sicklepod seeds which have a long tradition in maintaining good health to further enhance the benefits of consuming Sukkiri Cha for our consumers.

Camellia sinensis, which has anti-aging properties; helianthus tuberosus, which keeps the body healthy from the inside; rose hip, rich in beauty ingredients; and lemongrass, a herb that evokes a feeling of calmness.

Our tea promotes good health from both the inside of our body (in terms of health) and the outside (in terms of beauty), ensuring the goodness is radiated throughout our entire body.

“If it is not tasty, the habit doesn’t stick. We want our customers to become healthier by drinking a tasty and healthy tea.” This is our believe.

In order to bring out the delicious flavors to its fullest, we check the ingredients we use and we gently roast them separately. This process is checked several times to ensure the blend we created is exquisite and delicious.

Our customers reported that they have lost weight by consuming our tea. It is said that about 75% of the waste inside our body is excreted with stools, consuming Sukkiri Cha not only promotes better digestion and relieves constipation but it also have a positive impact for consumers looking to have balanced diet.

Steep one bag in 200ml of boiled water. Purification levels may be adjusted by teabag steeping time. Recommended usage is to steep for approximately three minutes.

**Recommended one time a day

If you feel diarrhea, please try Sukkiri Cha in LIGHT time.

This is the standard time for conditioning digestive system.

The strongest effect for constipation.