“Benifuuki”, the green tea soap, is packed full of the healthy power of green tea. This is for both women and men who have skin problems or who want to have a healthier and softer skin.

“Benifuuki” keeps your skin hydrated and healthy forever. Make your mind and body beautiful by the power of green tea.

“Benifuuki” is made from “tea-leaf”, “tea seed oil”, and “tea flower”, and it is the natural soap which is kind to our skin. The tea leaves used in all our products are organic.

We focus on producing fine-textured foam for the skin. Fluffy and creamy foam fits your skin gently and removes embedded impurities firmly. Leaving the skin hydrated after cleansing.


We place special importance in keeping the skin moist. The creamy foam protects the skin.

We placed utmost importance in creating a high quality fine foam. Adding cleansing ingredients certainly increases the amount of foam, but excessive cleansing can take away the skin's natural moisture. The foam of the "Beni fuki" soap is a high quality fine and soft foam that adapts gently to the skin. It washes away dirt hidden at the back of the pores. while the moisturizing agents found in tea seed oil helps to maintain skin soft and smooth.

All natural ingredients No added colorants, scents, or preservatives, etc.

This soap has a faint sweet smell to it. which is its original smell. The transparent golden color the same as the natural color of Benifuki (Camellia) tea, is the original color of the tea extract. This eco-friendly soap contains no colorants, scents, or mineral oils. and has no added synthetic surfactants or preservatives. Anybody can use this soap at ease.

Handmade unmilled soap.

Unlike "milled soap, which has a large amount of cleansing ingredients and is focused on how well it lathers, we wait for our "unmilled" soap to mature over a period of more than 90 days. We follow a traditional method of manufacturing by hand adding plant-based moisturizing ingredients to the cleansing ingredients.


Place Ocha Soap in the mesh foaming bag, moisten, and lightly rub until a rich foam (roughly equal to the size of two eggs) is generated.

Carefully apply the foam over your face and gently cleanse while massaging into the skin (without scraping the skin).

Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water (32˚C), leaving no foam behind. Dry off by pressing a towel against your face (avoid rubbing).